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Services: Tax Returns


Self assessment tax returns can be difficult to complete correctly. The enquiry powers and penalties of HRMC have increased significantly in recent years so we can ensure you meet all the requirements.

Again, Robins & Co give you piece of mind to ensure these are correct.

We advise you of your tax liabilities and we can help in reducing your liability by looking at suitable tax planning opportunities.


HMRC are developing more initiatives for tax compliance and over the past couple of years we have seen Inspectors become increasingly more aggressive as they are being targeted to produce higher yields from the enquiry work they undertake. HMRC’s powers have been significantly increased during this time and, worryingly, Inspectors are now attempting to go back up to 20 years when calculating any additional tax due.

Consequently, the length of investigations is escalating and our professional fees defending you could run into thousands of pounds.

Robins & Co offer a Tax Investigations Service which is designed to reimburse our fees in the event you are investigated by the Revenue. For a small fee you can subscribe to this service which will cover our professional fees.

The service also includes access to a free 24-hour telephone Business, Legal Advice Line, and includes a pre-dispute cover which covers our fees for PAYE compliance, visits and VAT inspections. This means Robins & Co can attend VAT inspections and PAYE compliance visits with no extra cost to your and having the huge benefit of us being there at the visit.


Corporation tax self assessment returns are complex to complete and, if deadlines are missed,
penalties can mount up.

Robins & Co will complete all the computations required to ensure you meet all your company’s tax requirements. We will tell you the company’s tax liabilities and remind you when they are due.

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