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Did you know 9 out of 10 commercial business owners could benefit as a result of unused Capital Allowances tax relief...

Commercial properties
 require substantial investment in their property infrastructure whether purpose built by the current owners, or included in the overall acquisition cost. A significant proportion of this building expenditure is regarded by the tax authorities as qualifying plant with which the trade is conducted and the legislation duly allows tax relief against your profits to be claimed for that expenditure.

Any business that incurs capital expenditure should periodically carry out a Capital Allowance review to ensure full advantage is taken of the reliefs available. Such a review will identify elements of expenditure where further tax relief can be obtained. The actual date the expenditure was incurred is not a barrier to obtaining relief subject to documentation still being available, as the equipment, referred to as Fixtures, can still be claimed provided it is still in use within the business.

You can be reassured that a capital allowance claim should not affect your future Capital Gains Tax position as we are not altering the freehold value but merely retrieving items hidden in the freehold to enhance the capital allowance pool, for CGT purposes the freehold cost remains unchanged.

If you need more advice or think you could be making more benefit from Capital Allowances, please call me to discuss.

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Andrew Robins FCCA


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